Acquiring a bunch of Lisp Machines

dwight dkelvey at
Fri Sep 25 23:31:02 CDT 2015

> From: ian.finder at
> The "wasn't" was a hint to indicate that the "OS" for the purpose of this
> conversation - actually the disklabel and FEP code- was never available or
> intended to be loaded outside of a factory / support environment.
> For all I know, the disk controller may require special microcode to be
> able to write the volume header. I have no real idea-
> I'm not claiming any amount of expertise- only that a microcoded,
> undocumented 36-bit machine with it's own secondary frontend IOP, multiple
> microcoded bit-slice based custom IO subsystems, and no known external
> software tools is a little different than an 8-bit toy computer kit.
> Guy's response touches on the broader strokes- the ISA for the main
> processor itself isn't even documented.
I get no credit for repairing a 20 bit computer without schematic.
Not 36 bit but still of some worth.
The disk controller on the imsai was a bit controlled state machine.
Not 36 bit but not a trivial toy repair either.
I think you don't know me.

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