Looking for some DEC-related spares..

tony duell ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk
Sat Sep 26 06:41:15 CDT 2015

>     > 2 of said feet got bent at right-angles (!)
> Hammer them straight, and clean up the threads with a die. Those outriggers
> are unobtainium, so I can't imagine the feet are much better.

They would never take being straightened, the metal is partially fractured already.
I had assumed that while the outriggers were custom DEC, the feet were possibly a 
standard part (although with what appears to be a UNC thread probably not easy to
get over here). The obvious solution is to get a bit of metal rod, turn to size, mill the
hexagon and cut the thread, but I had hoped I could just buy it.

>     > switch mechanisms for the PDP11/45 front panel. I have the toggles
>     > (thankfully), I need the switches
> Now you're really into unobtainium territory. We've been moaning about the
> inability to find these for a while now. All the early 11's (except the
> 11/20) use these - 11/05, 11/40, 11/45, etc - and a bunch of us need them,
> but nothing doing.

Right... OK.

I have found a little 4 slot Qbus box with 3 swtiches on the front, these seem to be the
same mechanisms behind the toggles. On the grounds my 11/45 is of more interest to me
than Qbus stuff, I may well be tempted to desolder them. If I ever find a source, I can rebuild
the Qbus panel.



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