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Sat Sep 26 17:36:09 CDT 2015

>>> As I mentioned in another response, I truly dislike SQLite, based on my
>>> experience with it on my Garmin GPS.
>> I'm still not sure why - my experience has been very good.  What bad
>> experiences have you had?
>> ~~
>> Mark Moulding
> My Garmin has had data integrity issues in its database.  Plus, lack of
> *convenient* tools, and having to rummage around here and there to find
> them.
> On top of that, this will be part of an online web app some day, so
> having the database in the address space of the web server is probably
> not a Good Thing.

I haven't used SQLite in an embedded environment yet.  I wonder if it tends 
to thrash certain areas of the data file (which would cause flash wear 
problems).  I appreciate the data point...

And yes, SQLite was not intended for a high-volume multi-access environment, 
and my experience is definitely from embedded up through low multi-user 
local network applications.  I'm sure there are many good reasons why MySQL 
has become the standard for web server applications.  I originally 
understood - perhaps erroneously - that this was to be a smallish, local 
application, and for me (and the smallish types of systems I tend to build), 
I'd prefer to avoid the headache of administering the MySQL subsystem.

But I stand by my statements about the separate, non-editable keys... :-)
Mark Moulding

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