PDP-11/05 restoration project - anyone has a M7810 or M781?

Mattis Lind mattislind at gmail.com
Sun Sep 27 14:54:51 CDT 2015


I have started to work slowly with the PDP-11/05 I received a year ago. It
is the big BA11-D chassis type machine. The power supply is now fixed and
working fine. A few smaller capacitors were leaking. But also one of the
big input filtering capacitors was bad and had to be replaced.

The front panel have been cleaned and checked. The next step is to start
looking into the the CPU itself. Unfortunately one of the CPU boards are
marked "faulty" so there are certainly work to be done.

The plan is to get it to work with the 8kW core memory, M7800 connected to
a good old teletype and PC05 paper-tape reader / punch and then run paper
tape BASIC on it or other paper tape software.

The problem is that I am lacking in the M7810 board. Since I do have a M105
and M7821 a M781 could do as well.

Does anyone has a M7810 or M781 to sell?


BTW. Does anyone have a BA11-D chassis and could help me take a photo of
the top and bottom covers? Those are missing on my machine and it seems
impossible find a drawing for the BA11-D chassis itself. It is not in the
PDP-11/05 Engineering Drawings which I already have.

And if someone also have a G231 I would be interested because that would
mean that the machine can be fully configured with 16 kWords!


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