Looking for RX01/02 rack slides

Jay Jaeger cube1 at charter.net
Sun Sep 27 23:42:57 CDT 2015

On 9/27/2015 2:39 PM, Charles wrote:
> I just acquired an RX01 drive (and an RX8E) for my 8/A system. It wasn't
> too painful to get it going, as the RX8E had "only" one bad IC that was
> easy to find and I had a spare. Details on the DEC forum at
> vintage-computer.com. Then the RX01 started audibly working, but with
> new-old-stock 3M diskettes, showed 22 seek errors on the first pass to
> Drive 0, finding good headers with correct CRC but the wrong ones a
> track or two away. That cleared up promptly and 25 successive passes had
> no errors on either drive. So now I have two floppies with 487 free
> blocks each, built in OS/8 ;)
> However, the drive came only with the inner slides (that attach to the
> chassis), but not the outer rails that bolt to the rack.
> So I'm looking for either a complete pair of RX slides, or just the
> outer ones that I need. If they can't be had, I may have to find a
> heavy-duty rack shelf and set the drive on it. That would be
> inconvenient to service the drive but it should not need attention often.
> Can anyone help me find some? Thanks.
> -Charles

I may have some - I have quite a few different slides.  However I
suggest that you 1) measure them (height and length) and 2) take a
photo.  Chassis slides had/have a way of getting swapped between units,
so it would be helpful to see exactly what you have so I can compare
them to my RX units and their slides first.


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