DEC handles

Vincent Slyngstad v.slyngstad at
Tue Sep 29 10:39:08 CDT 2015

From: Noel Chiappa: Tuesday, September 29, 2015 5:57 AM
> Hi all, does anyone know of a source for the plastic handles on DEC Flip Chip
> modules (single, double and quad)? Magenta would be great, but really, any
> colour would be acceptable, if magenta's not available. (And no, I don't want
> to salvage them from otherwise useless cards!)

For a one-off, you could print the .stl file for the most
common type from here (note: inches!):
or have an outfit like Shapeways do it for you.

If you're wanting a number of them, it would be worth
it to make an RTV mold and cast them in two-part
resin from an existing original.  The shape is pretty
simple, and the geometry is large/coarse enough to
be fairly forgiving.

Douglas Electronics still sold them last time I checked,
but I can't find them on their new website:

For attachment, small zip ties work surprisingly well, as
do the softer pop-rivets (put the flange side on the back).


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