Joe fast79ta at
Tue Sep 29 18:49:46 CDT 2015

I've been monkeying around with Oscars amazing PiDP8 replica the last few
weeks, attempting to get a cool demo going for the local hackerspace, to
show what computing used to look like.


I've managed to this point to get 2 serial terminals (a DEC VT102, and a
Morrow MDT-60) running at the same time on simh4 and ETOS. I do have the set
tsc enabled, and .R ETOS is up and running.


I've stumbled through enough of the config to add a second serial terminal
on the KL8JA using IOTTAB. I can run basic, and a few other programs at the
same time on either terminal, and watch it time share the limited resources
(I have simh throttled to .5 Mips, which apparently is correct for an 8/I).


The step I'm at now, is I'd like to copy a bunch of OS/8  games into either
a public disk, or make an RK05 image available to either a single user, or
as a public disk. I would be great to have running on one
terminal, or star trek on another. Maybe blackjack, or hangman.


I'm running the etosv5b-demo.rk05 file from
(located in, configured for extra KL8JA


I do have the user manual, and system managers guide for ETOS, that I've
changed from multipage .tiff to a single PDF.


I've read the SMG around 5.11 (Creating a public pack), but it references a
cmd .R DSKINT, which doesn't appear on any of the available ETOS rk05


I also don't see (and I might be missing something obvious), a way to mount
an RK05 disk so even  a single user can access it at a time..


Thanks for reading. Joe






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