Looking for RX01/02 rack slides

Charles charlesmorris800 at centurytel.net
Tue Sep 29 19:46:49 CDT 2015

Thinking I had an easy solution to the missing outer slide, I ordered a $40 
pair of new heavy-duty rack slides from eBay. Beautiful pieces and 
ball-bearing slides, decent quality hardware too. Only had to drill a couple 
of holes in them so they'd match the drive chassis, mounted everything up, 
and then discovered that they were 1/4" too narrow, no matter how I arranged 
the brackets, and the drive wouldn't slide between the rack rails. Crap!

So I bought two 24" pieces of 2 x 2 x 1/8" angle iron at the local steel 
place for a whopping $1.40, drilled four holes in each, sanded off the 
scale/surface rust, bolted them to the rack and slid the drive right in. You 
can't even see the "homemade" part unless you're really looking, too. 
Should've done that to start with. If I ever need to service the drive, I'll 
just slide it back out and set it on the bench...


However, if anyone should stumble over a set of stock RX sliding rails I'd 
be interested for the sake of originality ;)
Jay, let me know exactly what measurements you would need. There's a pretty 
good view of the inside rail on the second pic.


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