ESR Meter Recommendations

Holm Tiffe holm at
Wed Sep 30 02:41:54 CDT 2015

Ken Seefried wrote:

> I'm going to be working on my 11/730s power supply, so I'm in the
> market for an ESR meter.  I've seen some (older) recommendations for
> the AnaTek 'Blue' and various 'Dick Smith' derivatives.  However, eBay
> is flooded with knockoff Mega328 based ESR/Transistor/SCR/etc. testers
> all looking like:
> Anyone had any experience with one of these devices?
> KJ

I own a old precise russian LCR Bridge and I have two of the modern
Atmega328 based "Transistor Testers" that both will do the job at least for
smaller capacitors, but I mostly use a simple homebuild ESR Meter like

I know, that isn't a precision device but it is what you mostly need: a
fast good/bad test solution.

Because of its small measuring voltage of approx 200mV PN junctions don't
get opened so that you can quick check electrolytics in the circuit w/o
desoldering them fist.
The used transformer in my case is a small ferrite transformer from an old
PC-PSU (driver circuit). I coud use it w/o to change anything.


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