PDP8 Front panels

Rod Smallwood rodsmallwood52 at btinternet.com
Wed Sep 30 07:45:56 CDT 2015

Hi Guys
           I think we are all set. The plexiglass blanks are at the silk 
           The artwork for five different PDP-8 front panels is done.

           If all those who elected to wait even though prepaid would 
please  request  the latest file with all five designs in.
           The same goes for anybody who is interested in replacement 
panels for  PDP8/e (both types of switch markings)
           PDP8/f , PDP8/m or industrial8. please contact me by email

          The 8/f and 8/m will be a few dollars more as we need an extra 
screen for the logos as they are colour as opposed to the 8/e which is 

           If anybody spots an error on my part in any of the drawings 
please let me know.
           If you have any scanned images as opposed to photographs I'd 
love a copy.

           Rod Smallwood

Wanted : KDJ11-E     M8981
                 KK8-E         M8300
                 KK8-E         M8310
                 KK8-E         M8320
                 KK8-E         M8330

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