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> That is an authorized Bob Parker variation of his original Dick Smith ESR meter kit. On this side of the pond they were made by Anatek until the owner was killed in an accident, then the series (now called the Blue ESR) is made by Alltronics and sold by dealers such as I. These all use Bob's licensed code, just different box and PCB layouts.
> If you want a Blue ESR I sell them on my web site's catalogue section, or you can order the EVB from Portugal if you are on the east side of the pond.
> I've been selling variations (evolution by intelligent design) of Bob's ESR meter kit since 1999!
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> That is great info, thanks!
> Question - I could be mistaken, but I think someone mentioned that these were not good for testing caps that had a higher operating voltage. Is that correct? My understanding was that the testing method used by this ESR meter was valid for most all the large electrolytics...?
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The only caveat is to discharge the capacitor first before testing. The 
meter does not like anything over 50VDC across the probes...tends to let 
the smoke out.

You can use the Blue ESR meter to check the internal resistance of 
batteries - I suspect one could use that info to build a chart of 
remaining life in a lead acid battery or ni-cad, but I never tried that.

Link for some background info:


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