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Jerome H. Fine jhfinedp3k at
Wed Sep 30 19:16:03 CDT 2015

 >Jerome H. Fine wrote:

> >Eric Christopherson wrote:
>> On Tue, Sep 29, 2015, Jerome H. Fine wrote:
>>> This post is for Tim Shoppa.
>>> This have seen your replies every so often on classiccmp, so you
>>> don't seem to be totally out of touch.
>>> If you are reading this, Alan Frisbie and I would appreciate
>>> some help.
>>> Allan can be reached at the address to which I sent a copy. 
>> If you CCed someone, that seems to have been stripped by the mailing
>> list. 
> I sent an e-mail directly to Tim this morning.  I have seen
> replies from Tim in the past, so I know he must watch
> these posts.
> Has anyone located a PDF on the internet for the RT-11
> Release Notes from the V05.07 DOC set in October 1998?

On reading my reply again, I probably did not respond very accurately.

I  did NOT CC Tim Shoppa when I sent my second e-mail to
classiccmp SINCE, as I did state in my first response that I
had sent my initial request directly to Tim Shoppa at the last
e-mail address that I did have.

As to the real reason why I am clarifying, Tim Shoppa has already
responded and has sent a PDF file of the V05.07 Release Notes
to Al Kossow and myself.  Al Kossow may have already placed
the PDF file on the bitsavers archive.  However, at the trailing-edge
mirror, the new file is DEFINITELY already there!  Since some
individuals might have been following this thread rather than the
thread about PDF for RT-11 V05.07 Release Notes, I am
updating the information here as well.

All of the V05.06 RT-11  DOC set manuals are available at:

EXCEPT for the V05.06 RT-11 System Release Notes manual,
ALL of the other manuals are IDENTICAL for the V05.07 RT-11
DOC set manuals.

The old and new PDF files, respectively, along with the links are:


A  BIG  THANK  YOU to Tim Shoppa for making this PDF available.

Jerome Fine

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