Sun keyboards, yellowed

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Fri Apr 1 08:10:14 CDT 2016

>>> I collected some Sun keyboards for a customer, but some are too
>>> yellowed for him to use.  [...]
>> Oh perfect timing!  What's the interface on the Type 4 cable?
>> 15-pin D or DIN?  I'll probably have one in any case; there are
>> adapters :-)

The type-4 uses miniDIN-8; as far as I know nothing past the type-3
uses DA-15 - after that I think it was miniDIN-8 right up until they
drank the USB koolaid.  (I'm sure someone will correct me if not!)

> No cables on the Type 4.  Apparently they were removable,

Yes; as far as I know all type-4s have a miniDIN-8 socket on the
keyboard, with the cable being a boring miniDIN-8 on each end, wired
straight through.  Some later versions had a cable with one end
permanently wired into the keyboard (as in, you have to disassemble the
keyboard to get it free without cutting it).

(No, I'm not interested in any of the keyboards.  If there were any
type-3s on the list, maybe; the type-3 is the only Sun keyboard that's
worth anything to me.)

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