Looking for M865 serial card photo

Vincent Slyngstad v.slyngstad at frontier.com
Fri Apr 1 12:00:08 CDT 2016


I'm putting the finishing touches on my efforts to re-draw the M865 
schematic for the website www.so-much-stuff.com (which has a 
collection of similar drawings).  I am looking for photos of the 
front and back, reasonably square-on, with enough resolution 
and light to make out the traces easily.  My intent is to "trace 
over the traces" with my CAD software (Eagle 6.6), to document 
the board while simultaneously verifying the work I've done to 
draw the schematic.

Does anyone have photos of the component and solder sides 
of an M865?  It's the older Omnibus serial card, with the current 
loop cable soldered in.

Permission to use the photos on the website would also be 

The folks I've found so far who own boards can't get photos of them
for a week or more, and I'd like to finish these drawings before my 
motivation fades.  (I know from experience how long it can take me 
to get back to half-finished projects!)


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