Mac SE/30 pincushioning and flicker

David Griffith dave at
Sat Apr 2 04:50:57 CDT 2016

I recapped a Mac SE/30 a few months back and only just now put it back 
together.  After a false start with dirty contacts on the ROM simm and 
resulting irregular vertical bars, the machine is working again.  There 
are no more zipping sounds coming out of the speaker.  Two problems 

1) There is slight pincushioning along the bottom of the CRT, about a 
third of the way in from the left.

2) The CRT produces a rather noticable and irritating flicker.  I don't 
remember the one-piece Macs flickering like this.

I think a cleverly-placed magnet might fix the pincushioning and recapping 
the analogue board would remedy the flicker.  Can I get some thoughts, 
commentary, and suggestions on this?

David Griffith
dave at

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