RSX-11M trouble

supervinx supervinx at
Sat Apr 2 01:34:38 CDT 2016

Thanks for your clear explanation.
I use simh regularly, VAX based emulation, to transfer and backup data
from my real VAXes. I also have a cluster of simh VAXes, so it won't be
difficult to get a PDP-11 up and running with simh.

I have putr and I've noticed it handles Files-11 read-only: I didn't
think to prepare a RT-11 disk to share the needed files.

I found a RSX-11M+ tape image set: I'll try it before.

Well, I knew about SHUTUP, but SHUTUP isn't there.
So may be the system hasn't been properly shut up, so the file system

Yes, it's a 11/23 CPU

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