DECmate II Questions

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> > I have been looking at my DECmate II recently. I got an Italian
> > version of WPS 1.0 for it and that works fine, except that I don't
> > have an Italian keyboard so finding some of the characters is a bit
> > tricky. :) ...
> > Any recommendations for how best to image RX50 diskettes? I want to
> > preserve the diskettes I have.
> Are they the same format (80 tracks, 10 sectors, 512 bytes) as the RX50 on
> PDP11s?  If yes, you can either use a PDP11, or you can configure Linux to
> sector per track format and use dd.  If the sector ordering is as strange
as on
> the PDP11, dd will get the data very much out of order, but it should all
> there.  I can find the PDP11 interleave rules if you need them.

I do have an 11/73 I might be able to press into service, although my first
thought was a MicroVAX II with VMS and using backup/image. Not sure if that
would work though? Ideally an image that I can then write back to "new"
diskettes, or possibly use in SIMH (if it ever gets DECmate emulation of



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