RSX-11M trouble

E. Groenenberg ed at
Sun Apr 3 06:34:25 CDT 2016

On Sun, April 3, 2016 09:01, supervinx wrote:
> Well..
> The RSXM70.dsk has many TSKs not built.
> How can I build them?

A standard RSX-11m distribution in a so called 'Baseline' system which
boots an nearly all PDP-11's and is a very basic system.

Normally you do a sysgen to build a target system of your needs, i.e.
you specify the processor type and which devices are on the target
system like the communication adapters, tapes and drives.

If that disk (rsxm70.dsk) is a baseline distribution disk, you start
with the system generation which is quite fun to do (although on
a real system it can take a few hours).

BTW, the '70' in the name refers to base line version 70 afair.

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