Favorite Resolution && favorite monitor, sound, video, and capture (retro)

Jules Richardson jules.richardson99 at gmail.com
Sun Apr 3 09:48:50 CDT 2016

On 04/01/2016 11:07 AM, Swift Griggs wrote:
> Favorite LCD Monitor line: NEC Multisync, Dell Ultrasharp

I think the only one I've got (out of seven or so) which will accept the 
oddball-frequency VGA from some of Apple's old machines is a Dell, although 
I'd have to check the model number.

> Favorite CRT Monitor line: Iiyama (Sony Trinitron as a runner up)

For consumer-grade displays, I'd agree with Iiyama - I loved those screens. 
I had a 17" and 21" one when I lived in the UK; the picture quality and 
specs were great, they'd do SoG, and having both VGA and BNC inputs was 
handy as I could have a PC and a Sun hooked up together.

I've been keeping my eye out for one ever since moving to the US, but all 
I've ever found is crappy Gateway and Dell stuff (and a Viewsonic which is 
slightly better, but still garbage)

> Favorite display Devices: SGI O2 CRM graphics, The Voodoo3 for PC, The
> VillageTronic Picasso IV for the Amiga.

I think the most-impressive-for-its-time one I've got is the Max Impact 
board set (with the extra TRAM) that's in my Indigo2.

> Favorite Retro Sound Cards: Gravis Ultrasound for PC, Sound Blaster emu10k
> ("Pro" PCI cards), Amiga Studio 16, SGI DM8 for SGI/IRIX, Pro Audio
> Spectrum for 68k macs.

Never was much of an audio person, but I did have a PAS16 for my PC in the 
early '90s, which came in handy a few times just for the SCSI interface 
(which was supported under Linux)

> The biggest downside to the NEC monitors is that few of them support
> composite or S-Video.

I picked up an old JAMMA arcade board a while ago and managed to get it 
running, feeding the video output via a resistor network and dumping it 
onto an old green-screen monitor turned up onto its side. But I really need 
something here which can do 15KHz RGB - I keep wondering if I can hack an 
old TV and feed the sync information in via a composite->RF box, but work 
out where the RGB information is extracted and just tap the RGB in at that 
point. I know a few companies would do conversions like that back in the 
day, but I don't know how easy it is.

> I'm getting interested in projectors, too. However, I'm doubting I'll find
> one that's bright enough and will do all the video modes I want (ie.. mix
> of sync-on-green with composite etc..)

Someone gave me an old 16mm Bell & Howell a few weeks ago, but I suspect 
that's not the kind of projector you're talking about ;-)


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