Original HP 2116A is running again!

COURYHOUSE at aol.com COURYHOUSE at aol.com
Sun Apr 3 14:25:04 CDT 2016

That is really neat to have an "A" 
We have a  few  manuals  in the  library and  a  few paper tapes.
BUT!    we  recently  were shipped    crates of  paper, some of  which I 
never saw before in my   life.
There are  some  HP manuals  in there  Similar  to  what  Al is mentioning. 
I will have to  look again 
to see if we  have anything out of the ordinary aside from the basic manual 
We have a 2116"B"  here  which  was the  Phx  Union  HS  HP-2000 2000A main 
processor than became the I/O processor  for their  HP-2000F when Computer 
Exchange Inc. bought it. Unfortunately  when I retired in  the early 90's I 
did not save all the paper   tape.  I have the stuff in the  drawer in the  
2000 ACCESS  cabinet ( yea  was a neat addition to add a pull out  drawer in 
 the  cabinet  to keep taps, pens  and etc  in!)
A   few white boxes  showed up in the garage at  home  I  noticed  recently 
when cleaning... always grateful to  find   neat  stuff that got misplaced 
over 20 years ago....
We will wait to see what Al  comes up  with  and see  if  a fill is  needed 
 from  our  sloooowwwwwwwww   scanner.....

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