3.5" 3-mode drives

Mike Stein mhs.stein at gmail.com
Sun Apr 3 15:35:26 CDT 2016

Hi Chuck,

What 3.5" drives have you found that can do 1.6MB mode without major mods?

I'm aware of :

Alps DF354N
Samsung SFD-321B
Sony MPF920-E

Any others?



From: "Chuck Guzis" <cclist at sydex.com>
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Sent: Sunday, April 03, 2016 2:11 PM
Subject: Re: AT&T 3B2 floppy format

> Yesterday I was about to suggest that the 300Kbps/300rpm mixup might be 
> the problem, but I figured that it would surface eventually.
> IMD does have an RPM-checking routine--I use it frequently when 
> modifying 2.0MB 3.5" drives to masquerade as 1.6MB ones.  It ensures me 
> that the result will behave as intended.
> The difference between 300 and 360 RPM is on the hairy edge of the 
> capture range of most data separators, so simply reading a floppy is no 
> guarantee of success when writing one that's been formatted at the 
> incorrect bit clock/rpm rate.
> But I'm certain that you've been adequately instructed by experience and 
> will sin no more... :)
> All the best,
> Chuck

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