Wrap or not (was C & undefined behaviour - was Re: tumble under BSD)

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Sun Apr 3 21:40:44 CDT 2016

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... >> But I'll be happy to comply to the wishes for preformatted text; just
>> tell me how.
> I'd say, for running text, wrap somewhere before 80 characters per line
> (preferably before about 78, since some programs lose a column or two
> on display - personally, I wrap at column 72).  I'm sure others will
> differ in various details, but I suspect most will probably be
> somewhere close to that.


Presumably your non-client also uses a monospaced font, since with the
proportional fonts in common use today a specific number of characters
can vary widely in actual line width, which, I assume, is your issue.

But like Chuck I suppose I can eschew the various advances in typography
and formatting that I use elsewhere and try to remember to stick to the lowest 
common denominator here; I will continue to use the spelling checker though, 
because I find typos and misspellings as in your original post a bit distracting...



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