The Right Way to Email - was Re: C & undefined behaviour - was Re: tumble under BSD

Peter Coghlan cctalk at
Mon Apr 4 04:36:17 CDT 2016

Mouse made a perfectly reasonable request that we make a small effort
to ensure our emails are formatted appropriately.

The response was that people demanded their inherent right to
continue to generate improperly formatted emails, complained about
grudgingly having to having to make configuration changes to their
email setup that might have consequences for other email they send
and made other tangential complaints which as far as I can see are
either completely baseless or are an attempt at humour that has gone
over my head (not the one about the card deck though - I got that
one, even though they were before my time).

If anyone who complained had cared to check, they were all (as far as
I can see) already generating appropriately formatted emails and have
no need to jump to the defense of the way they do things or to make
any changes to it.
The email which prompted the mildly phrased request in response to it
appears to have been generated by "Apple Mail (2.3124)".  It looks to
me that this MUA is generating "flowed" emails but failing to mark
them as such in the headers it generates.  (I agree that these emails
are difficult to reply to and I would like to add that they are also
very difficult to read when viewed in the web based list archive.)

Could we not just have a little respect for each other and check our
facts before conjuring up conflicts and difficulties which don't
actually exist?

Peter Coghlan

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