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On 04/04/2016 12:30 PM, Mike Stein wrote:
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>>> Flowed text and top-posting have become the norm in mainstream email
>> So have a lot of other horrible things, such as spam.  Popularity,
>> especially mainstream popularity, is no measure of goodness, or we
>> should all immediately switch to Windows on peecees.
>> I have no problem with flowed text - when done according to the spec, a
>> spec which exists for good reason.  As for top-posting, I've already
>> written about why I consider most instances of it arrogant rudeness
>> (see my blah post at
>> and have
>> seen no reason to change that opinion.
> ------
> ... nor would I ever expect you to ;D
> IMO the reason that flowed text and top posting have become the norm
> is that many people (myself included) find them more efficient and clearer,
> both reading and writing;

	How so? Who reads an email message from the bottom up?

> obviously you and some others find the opposite
> and I try to respect that in my posts to this list (although I don't feel that
> my perspective gets much respect). They are personal preferences, and
> your spam reference is just one of the straw men that seem to invariably
> infest these discussions.
> Mainstream popularity is not just the much-maligned Windows on PCs,
> but also iOS and Android on smart phones and tablets, and the web-based
> email that you also disparage is often the only option; if you don't want to
> communicate with anyone using Gmail that is certainly your choice to make.
> As I said, although I don't share it I do respect your perspective which is
> presumably largely based on your particular choice of hard- and software;
> what I object to is your judgment that top-posting is "arrogant rudeness."

	It is arrogant rudeness when it is done in a place where everyone 
expects inline or bottom posting. When someone is repeatedly & politely 
asked to play along...

> It may not be the norm on this particular list, but if you were to periodically
> ask that everyone follow your 'standards' on any other list where top-posting,
> in-line posting, bottom-posting, flowed text and hard-wrapped text are all
> equally valid and accepted and don't elicit periodic chastisement, then that
> probably _would_ be considered to be "arrogant rudeness"...
> Potaytoes, potahtoes...
> m

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