The Right Way to Email - was Re: C & undefined behaviour - was Re: tumble under BSD

william degnan billdegnan at
Mon Apr 4 13:34:58 CDT 2016

The thing is, it's just too hard to follow a thread unless everyone posts
in the same direction.  If the thread, for whatever reason, flows by top
post, then I follow that pattern,  if it's bottom then I go that
way...*this* message board has been around for a while, and the precedent
is to bottom post.  It's becoming hard to do any efficient research of past
threads because of the breakdown in thread flow.

Of all the devices I use I have never had much difficulty deciphering and
replying per the flow, top/bottom/middle.  There is always a way to reply
with the flow and it's worth the effort I think.

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