R: RE: RSX-11M trouble

supervinx supervinx at libero.it
Mon Apr 4 13:44:26 CDT 2016

Il giorno dom, 03/04/2016 alle 19.33 +0200, supervinx ha scritto:
> Il giorno dom, 03/04/2016 alle 14.59 +0200, supervinx ha scritto:
> > Hmmm.... RSX-11Mplus 4.2 aren't recognized as TSK images by "normal" 4.2
> Well... the files have been correctly transferred... i did a DMP on both
> sides
> so definitely I need a 4.2 non plus.
I SYSGENed the 4.8 image on simh, and transferred ICP.TSK, just to do
another try...

The newly inserted task, showed the same parameters, using TAL ...AT.,
but issuing a @command causes the same big crash, dropping me on the
initial ODT monitor.

I did another test, with DMP.
Only three blocks of the original ICP.TSK are unreadable:
o73, o107, and o177 (all numbers are in octal), with the usuale I/O
error -101, and no mention in ELI DU0:/SH

I'm angry: the damaged ICP.TSK is TCP.TSK;3 and I did a purge to make
room on the disk the first day I got it. Can't remember if another
version was present...

I've a couple of questions:
1)VFY gives me two error I can't clearly understand. 
	000541,000226	owner [1,54]
	file is marked for delete

	I/O error reading file header -101

How can I associate xxxxxx,yyyyyy to a file name?
I tried PIP /FI:xxxxxx:yyyyyy/LI with no luck

2) the .tpc images found in the net, if converted to .tap, are suitable
for use in TU85em? Having no tape unit, I could try to install
everything from scratch using a tape emulator.

But the best would be to have 4.2 (*not* plus) tape images or someone
with a running installation so kind to give me the four damaged files.

VFY seems not to be able to repair the FS...


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