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> ...Who reads an email message from the bottom up?

I don't; I read the (new) message from the top down and on the extremely
rare occasion that I need to read what it's referring to I either scroll down 
or click on "show quoted text," depending on what I'm using at the time.

Can't say I've ever had a big problem following a thread through the
archive either.

> It is arrogant rudeness when it is done in a place where everyone 
> expects inline or bottom posting. 

Not "everyone"...

What borders on arrogant rudeness IMO is the tone of some of the 
replies to people who, while actually making the effort to follow
'the rules', merely suggest that maybe there's room for more than 
one way of doing things and try to explain the issues they're having, 
only to be met with e.g. "totally baseless" and "non-existent"...

FWIW I just looked through the other vintage computer lists I'm on, 
presumably also populated at least in part by computer-savvy folks
or professionals, and they all freely use and accept top-posting and 
flowed text.

I continue to be surprised by how little tolerance there is for different
ways of doing things in what is presumably an intelligent, progressive
and innovative community, whether it be operating systems, hardware,
languages or procedures; just try saying something positive about 
Microsoft, programming in BASIC or the "peecee"...


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