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> Il giorno dom, 03/04/2016 alle 19.33 +0200, supervinx ha scritto:
>> Il giorno dom, 03/04/2016 alle 14.59 +0200, supervinx ha scritto:
>>> Hmmm.... RSX-11Mplus 4.2 aren't recognized as TSK images by "normal" 4.2
>> Well... the files have been correctly transferred... i did a DMP on both
>> sides
>> so definitely I need a 4.2 non plus.
> I SYSGENed the 4.8 image on simh, and transferred ICP.TSK, just to do
> another try...
> The newly inserted task, showed the same parameters, using TAL ...AT.,
> but issuing a @command causes the same big crash, dropping me on the
> initial ODT monitor.
> I did another test, with DMP.
> Only three blocks of the original ICP.TSK are unreadable:
> o73, o107, and o177 (all numbers are in octal), with the usuale I/O
> error -101, and no mention in ELI DU0:/SH
> I'm angry: the damaged ICP.TSK is TCP.TSK;3 and I did a purge to make
> room on the disk the first day I got it. Can't remember if another
> version was present...
> I've a couple of questions:
> 1)VFY gives me two error I can't clearly understand. 
> 	000541,000226	owner [1,54]
> 	file is marked for delete
> 	000647,000000
> 	I/O error reading file header -101
> How can I associate xxxxxx,yyyyyy to a file name?
> I tried PIP /FI:xxxxxx:yyyyyy/LI with no luck

This is a good question but I do not know the answer.

> 2) the .tpc images found in the net, if converted to .tap, are suitable
> for use in TU85em? Having no tape unit, I could try to install
> everything from scratch using a tape emulator.
I would use Simh to boot a BRUSYS tape then copy the tapes to make a
bootable disk.
> But the best would be to have 4.2 (*not* plus) tape images or someone
> with a running installation so kind to give me the four damaged files.
> VFY seems not to be able to repair the FS...
> Thanks

   The closest RSX11M (not Plus) distribution I can find is an RL01 distribution of RSX11M V4.1
Since it is disk and not tape it can be directly booted with Simh and it does have a ICP.TSK
that should be pretty compatible with V4.2 since it is from V4.1 Baseline.

You can find this RSX11M V4.1 distribution at:

It will unzip into 6 RL01 disk images and 3 update E disk images.
Below I mapped the first two disks and found a copy of ICP.TSK
on the 1 disk which is a Baseline image that should run on a range
of different hardware.

sim> sh rl
RL	RLV12, address=17774400-17774411, vector=160, 4 units
  RL0	2621KW, attached to, on line
	write enabled, RL01
  RL1	2621KW, attached to, on line
	write enabled, RL01
  RL2	2621KW, attached to, on line
	write enabled, RL01
  RL3	2621KW, attached to, on line
	write enabled, RL01
sim> b rl0

  RSX-11M V4.1 BL35   124.K MAPPED (BASELINE)
>TIM 20:36 5-APR-86
>SET /BUF=TI:132.
>ACS SY:/BLKS=512.
>@ <EOF>
>mou dl1:/ovr/pub/vi
Volume Information
Class:       Files-11
Device:      DL01
Volume label:EXCPRV
Pack serial: 00000273341
Owner:       [1,1]
Protection:  [RWCD,RWCD,RWCD,RWCD]
Default:     [RWED,RWED,RWED,R]
Processor:   F11ACP
>ins $pip
>pip [1,54]i*.tsk/li

Directory DL0:[1,54]
22-APR-83 18:16

ICP.TSK;1           142.    C  22-APR-83 17:48
INI.TSK;1           58.     C  22-APR-83 17:48
INS.TSK;1           60.     C  22-APR-83 17:48

Total of 260./260. blocks in 3. files

from the RL01 image you should be able to PUTR read and then write to an RX50
as you have done before.

Good Luck,

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