MEM11A Status

Guy Sotomayor ggs at
Wed Apr 6 11:35:47 CDT 2016


The board layout is complete and has passed all of the design rule checks from
the board house.  I’ll be ordering some boards for me to assemble and test next

I have also received a quote for “turnkey assembly” where I hand them the files
and get back fully assembled boards.  In order to get the price reasonable I have
to have 25 *firm* orders for the boards.  I’ll be charging $395/ea + shipping.

If folks could let me know (private emails please) as to the quantity that they want
(don’t send $’s yet) so I know I won’t be $1000’s in the hole on this before I order
the boards.

The timing is that I’ll probably place the order for the boards (assuming sufficient
interest) in mid-May.  I’ll let folks know when I have the minimum quantity.

BTW, this is for the MEM11A 128KW SPC memory board (not to be confused with
the UMF11).

TTFN - Guy

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