VCF East update - three keynotes, TWO original Apple 1, etc.

Evan Koblentz cctalk at
Wed Apr 6 22:59:42 CDT 2016

Hi classiccmp'ers.

VCF East starts in just 8 days from now.

It's at the InfoAge Science Center in Wall, New Jersey, USA.

Three keynotes: John Blankenbaker (Friday), Stewart Cheifet (Saturday), 
Ted Nelson (Sunday).

Three dozen hands-on exhibits.

TWO original Apple 1 computers, including one up-and-running.

Oh and there will be a Kenbak-1 also. :)

A dozen-ish tech classes.

8-bit game programming competition sponsored by Hackaday.

Consignment room.

And the on-site, year-round computer museum is now TWICE as large as 
before. Come see awesome stuff such as our circa-1965 UNIVAC 1219B 

Kids get in free on Saturday/Sunday.

All the details, along with online ticketing, are at

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