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Erik Baigar erik at
Fri Apr 8 00:29:21 CDT 2016

Hi Jim,

short version: Yes, I can confirm existence of such a software and
                I'd be highly interested in a copy. Of course I can
                offer digitizing it ;-)

longer version: I am preserving various Rolm (later Loral) 16 bit
machines which are hardened, military machines widely comaptible
to the DG hardware (1602 compatible to Nova and MSE14/Micro is the
hardened Eclipse). If interested, have a look at my logbook...

...datecodes 10/20/2014 to 12/15/2014 and 2/3/2015 to 2/28/2015.
Together with two friends (both maintaining a 1602B and native
DG hardware) we built a harddisc simulator to run advanced
software (e.g. RDOS). During my efforts I rescued some paper tapes
from Rolm (diagnostics)...

...and among these serious, mighty tapes was one labeled
"Star Trek 1/2". I digitized it, but without the second part
it is of nut much use, so I am sure that such a game existed
for DG hardware. From the first tape I can tell, that it is
not just the BASIC listing, but native machine code and there
is a copyright message dating 1969-1973 ;-)

> The tape pile is fanfold about 10" across in a DG box specially made for such 
> use.

On some occasions I had trouble reading the 30+ years old
oiled black tapes due to some holes on the folds being
obscured at the from debris of the ageing paper...

The very best from Germany,


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