really old test equip

Cindy Croxton sales at
Fri Apr 8 16:35:15 CDT 2016

When I was at the recycler last week, I saw a lot of really OLD test
equipment. I started looking through it to see if there were things I could
recognize, but the closest thing I could figure out was a 1940s telephone
equipment tester. All of these were portable, with lids that closed with
latches. Probably weighed abt 20-30 pounds each. Any cables that might have
been needed to run the equipment was gone. If things like this are of
interest in the $25 range, then I can pick some up next time I see them.
Unfortunately I have no cell phone numbers for anyone in the DFW area to
tell them to come and see the goodies while I am there, and they will not
let strangers come in and poke around. I am (or was) an electronics tech,
but most of the functions on these old test machines eluded me.

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