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Sat Apr 9 04:00:53 CDT 2016

Hi all,

we have been using two Sun 6800 (each fully equipped with 96GB of RAM
and 24 Sparc III processors 1.2GHz) for many years.

Now they are retired and must leave our machine room to make place
for newer machines.

Anybody out there willing to give them a new home? They are very good
in transforming electric energy into heat. And by activating only some of
the processor boards you can regulate the heat flow. Your wife will love to
stand behind it and use it as a whole-body blow-dryer.

Take one for free and you will get another one for no additional costs.

While rearranging our machine room, we found lots of other stuff that must
go away too. Here's the current list:

- Sun E250
- Sun A5200, 2xA5100, D1000 with lots of disks
- Sun E450, 2x, one is still needed for a couple of months
- Sun L1000, 3x, one is still needed for a couple of months
- Sun 6800, 2 fully equipped and a third one for spare parts
- Sun 880 with 12 disks
- Sun 480 2x, with spare processor boards
- Sun L11000 tape library (aka ATL P3000) with 6 drives and lots of tapes

Be warned: You need a truck with lift to transport a Sun 6800.
It's 191x130x61cm and weights approx 500kg. Same thing with
the tape library: 192x72x145cm, approx. 600kg. On the other
hand rumours are that kids do place stuff like this into their
parents basement :-)

I took some pictures and uploaded then to


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