In search of VAX 8550 or similar...

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Sun Apr 10 13:49:19 CDT 2016

Hi Ian,

I have a fairly large collection of large VAX machines that are available
for sale.  Here is a rough list:

	Large Vax Machines
	1.	VAX 11/785
	2.	VAX 8550
	3.	VAX 6000-430
	4.	VAX Vector 6000-520
	5.	VAX 6000-630
	6.	VAX Vector 6000-440
	7.	VAX 11/750 system comprising 4 cabinets.  Includes an RA81,
UNIBUS expansion chassis, TU80 and cabling cabinet.
	8.	Plessey VAX 11/750 system in 4 cabinets approximately 5.5
feet tall. Includes hard drive, 11/751 processor unit and tape drive.
	9.	9 x HSC cluster controllers

	Large Alpha machines
	10.	2 x DEC 7000
	11.	DEC 4000.  Has multiple SCSI and DSSI drives in the front,
and processor rack in the back.

	MicroVAX, pedestal VAX, etc
	12.	VAX 4000-300
	13.	3 x MicroVAX II pedestal units
	14.	6 x VaxServer 3400/3500 pedestal units
	15.	SF100 with TF687 loader (tape jukebox unit?).  Large
pedestal form factor.
	16.	2 x DECserver 550 (naked rack-mount units)
	17.	1 x unknown box in same form factor as DECserver 550
	18.	1 x MicroVAX 3500
	19.	1 x Firefox (looks similar to MicroVAX 3500)
	20.	1 x R400x
	21.	1 x rack SA650 (drives)
	22.	1 x rack SA800 (drives)
	23.	2 x Microvax 3400

There is also a large amount of smaller systems (11/730s, DECstations,
Alphas, etc) and large and small tape drives, SMD drives etc.

If you are interested, let me know. The equipment is in Melbourne,
Australia.  I recently had a quote of around $5,000 to send a 20 foot
container from Australia to the U.S.


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Would like to purchase and restore a big mid-80s VAX. Stupidly passed one up
Let me know if you have one you'd be willing to part with- also open to
In the Seattle area, but a little too comfortable with arranging freight

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