Still looking for: Nova 800/1200 power supplies

Pete Lancashire pete at
Mon Apr 11 09:51:05 CDT 2016

If your in a hurry, here is what I've done in the past. I did this for a
DEC PDP 11. It needed the 5V.

Get a modern switcher that meets the power requirements and one that takes
external lugs and supports external voltage sensing.When you crimp the lug
at the far end add the sense wire so that both are in the same lug. Triple

Oh .. if you really want to make sure, build a load for the supply and make
sure it runs under load. I was lucky, I  had a power supply load bank.

If your current is under 5 Amps or so, you may skip bringing the sense
wires out.

Add OVP (Over Voltage Protection) if you can.

You can finds many on the usual auction sites, an depending on where you
live check with armature radio (ham) types. Cable up to where the original
supply went. use lugs or other means that can be easily removed and will
make good electrical connections. Cover all connections with tape or heat

All that effort will pretty much cause the supply you have been looking for
to show up out of nowhere.

On Sun, Apr 10, 2016 at 7:19 PM, Josh Dersch <derschjo at> wrote:

> Hi all --
> Nearly two years back I picked up some Nova 800/1200 gear, mostly in
> pieces.  I've been trying to track down power supplies for these for
> awhile, thought I'd try asking here again and see if I have any better luck
> this time :).  Both chassis are the "Jumbo" variety, and take two power
> supplies each -- one that provides +/-5 and +/-15 and another that just
> supplies dual +5. At the moment I have just one power supply -- a dual +5
> supply.
> I also only have one of the "DGC NOVA RESISTOR BD" boards that are the
> go-betweens between the backplane and the power supply -- the 52-pin edge
> connector from the supply plugs into this board, and the board plugs into
> the backplane.  I need at least one more of these...
> It's relatively unlikely, but if anyone happens to have any 800/1200 power
> supplies going spare, in any condition, drop me a line.
> Thanks again,
> Josh

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