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Key thing is what color it is. If it's light grey it's definitely an old
CISC machine - classic 48-bit AS/400. They're good and desirable but they
do need the MULIC (Model Unique Licensed Internal Code) tape to get going.
If it's black... Well some of the very last CISC AS/400s (e.g. 9406-500)
were black - but it's much more likely to be a RISC machine. With those you
get 70 days unlicensed use - then it reverts to only allowing login at the
console IIRC; I don't recall what else stops working. Licensing on the RISC
machines is just a long code you type in to the system; no MULIC tape! :)

Another possible gotcha is keys; hopefully it comes with them. If it
doesn't, hope the lock is in the manual position which allows full front
panel function.

Then there are password issues; QSECOFR is the key account - equivalent to
root - and if you don't have that password you may be able to reset it
using an alternate boot sequence involving something called DST... Unless
they've changed the DST password too, in which case you can only wipe the
system and reinstall the OS. If you need install media I can help...

On Apr 12, 2016 3:18 PM, "Mazzini Alessandro" <mazzinia at tin.it> wrote:

The main issue with As/400 is related with licenses, os included.
There are some models (relatively old) that can run unlicensed (and going
back in time, some required a special tape unique to that serial number, to
be reinstalled. Fat chances of getting a copy of that from ibm now, so in
those cases is very important that such tape is present in the goodies),
otherwise I would say that if they pick up the "toy" from the current
workplace, they have to collect all the sw/ibm media/license papers related
to it.

There's more than one way to get an (heavy) paperweight.

What to expect... is a bit more flat than zos, this is something used for
erp/billing/bank terminals to say something.
There's just os/400 that can be installed on an as/400, forget linux or etc
( if an iseries, more recent, aix is also an option, and  linux too )

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I do believe Connor is on here. I will say this the IBM Mainframes and the
Large AS/400's are quite different. If you can get a picture of the front
plate where it says AS/400 there will be the model nuimber under that and
we can figure out what you have from that.

Once you have that info, we can have a better idea what you are in for :)
As such can help you accordingly.

On Tue, Apr 12, 2016 at 2:09 PM, devin davison <lyokoboy0 at gmail.com> wrote:

> A local recycling center called me and said they are to pick up an ibm
> as/400 mainframe from a working environment. I left a deposit and am
> scheduled to go pick it up in the next day or so.
> I am not even sure of what all it comes with or what can be run on the
> machine. Any advice in advance on what to expect?
> I realize there are a ton of different as/400 models, they were not
> very descript on the phone, so i have no way of knowing till i go pick
> it up what exactly it is or what it comes with.
> I rushed on dropping a deposit on the thing. The other guy at the
> place is notorious for ripping boards with shiny chips out and trying
> to pass off the dismantled machine to me. I asked for a picture of the
> thing on site before it is moved. If it is not all there I am not
purchasing it.
> From the description it sounds like it comes with some terminals and
> printers too. could be interesting.
> Is the guy that put the ibm mainframe in his basement on the list? ive
> been wanting to talk to him.
> --Devin

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