A fruitfull evening

E. Groenenberg ed at groenenberg.net
Tue Apr 12 14:55:39 CDT 2016

So after cleaning up and reorganizing my computer/hobby room I thought it
was time to get the asr33 working again. It has a stuck carriage (at the
right end), and it would only go back after repeated CR's.

First thing I did was to replace the gooed up rubber hammer, only to
find out that my replacements were also starting to deteriorate :(
(but still stiff enough to be usable for some print test).
I can either use a piece of hose or one of those little self adhesive
rubber feet.

Closer inspection showed that the pawl of the advancing/return section
was barely moving. With the application of WD40 using a small brush
loosened the gummed up oil/grease and with some more cleaning and light
machine oil it was behaving as it should.

Next was to get it working as a console (it works fine in local mode,
puncher and reader do what they need to do).
I have one of these DLV11-KB's (EIA/20mA converters), and one of them
was already configured for teletype use. The schematic also notes that
these can be used for ASR-33 use.

A flat mate-n-lok plug was made for the 20mA side, as well as a rs232 cable
for the EIA side. Little note here is that the DLV11-KB uses 12V as power,
so 2 wires were used to go to a wall wart adapter counter plug.

Check power -> ok
Check cables -> ok.
Set VT220 to 7E2, 110 baud -> ok
power on ASR -> ok

Hmm, the print-head is constantly hopping and typed chars on the VT
do not appear. Then again typed chars on the ASR do show on the VT screen.

Ok, power off the ASR, and look at the back of the ASR terminal strip.
Ahh, wire 6 & 7 are used other way around, so swapping 2 pins on the
mate-n-lok is all what is needed.

Power on ASR -> ok, no hopping print-head this time, and chars type on
the VT do print on the ASR. Jippy!

Only thing what does not work yet is that the paper reader does not start
when I flip the switch to the 'start' position (it is a 3 position switch).
Any ideas how to make this work?

All in all a few hours well spend.

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