A fruitfull evening

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WD-40 is not a lubricant or a solvent, although it can work as one
at times, but only for a short time.
When it dries it leaves behind a waxy substance, also no a lubricant.
It is a water dispersant used to get condensation out of an ignition
It isn't a particularly good rust protector either. I've seen cases
were it actually causes rust corrosion.
Please don't put it on your teletype unless you intend to immediately
rinse it off with solvent.

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On 12 April 2016 at 15:55, E. Groenenberg <ed at groenenberg.net> wrote:
> First thing I did was to replace the gooed up rubber hammer, only to
> find out that my replacements were also starting to deteriorate :(
> (but still stiff enough to be usable for some print test).
> I can either use a piece of hose or one of those little self adhesive
> rubber feet.
So, first thing's first, I'll going to provide you with this link the
the GreenKeys mailing list. They know pretty much everything about
Teletype machines, and more importantly one of the list members there
has started making reproduction/replacements for the old Teletype
print hammers. <http://mailman.qth.net/mailman/listinfo/greenkeys>

Don't go with the adhesive rubber foot, it'll fly off and either hit
you, or lodge in the mechanism and you'll have a bad time. Rubber hose
is the best, unless you decide to buy a new hammer.

> Only thing what does not work yet is that the paper reader does not start
> when I flip the switch to the 'start' position (it is a 3 position switch).
> Any ideas how to make this work?
If it has the DEC LT33 modifications, which might be the case if it
used to be part of a DEC system, or was similarly modified by other
manufacturers it will have a reader run relay, which can be triggered
on the DLV11-K. I don't have the pinouts to hand to tell you exactly
which one. If the reader run relay isn't energized the reader won't
run; it's how the computer did flow control when using the reader.

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