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> I just put my last new HEPA filter in an RK05 that I am working on. There
> are two styles of HEPA filters for the RK05. The original version is just a
> box. The newer version has the inlet and outlet plenums as part of the HEPA
> filter, and connects to the blower and a rubber elbow. The one that I just
> installed was marked EQUIV 1212175. The DEC part number for the filter is
> 12-12175.
> A quick Google search showed that there are 6 new ones on ebay for $35
> each. Just search for the DEC part number 1212175.
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> Michael Thompson

I replaced my filters a little while ago, I was concerned about original
filters' deterioration, perhaps these will have decomposed over time even
if not in use. So I found a newly-produced filter, documented here:

But basically 3M Filtrete #0412560 carbon pre-filter cut to match the
original, from a tracing.


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