Getting an ibm as/400

Paul Koning paulkoning at
Wed Apr 13 10:35:33 CDT 2016

> On Apr 13, 2016, at 11:31 AM, supervinx <supervinx at> wrote:
> Well... AS/400 scsi drives are recognized by the string IBM AS/400, during the inquiry phase.
> They can be used in a standard PC, if reformatted at 512 bytes/sector, since OS/400 use 520 bytes/sector.
> If they come unformatted or degaussed, you can reformat it at 520 under a *nix system with sg_utils (e.g. Linux) and used (I tried it successfully on different AS/400 systems).

I thought someone said you couldn't reformat AS/400 drives?  Also, degaussing would destroy the servo data, assuming the drives have that which I expect they do (pretty much everything newer than an RK05 does).  Only servo writing machines in media factories can restore that stuff if it's destroyed or damaged.


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