H960 leveling feet

Noel Chiappa jnc at mercury.lcs.mit.edu
Thu Apr 14 09:19:35 CDT 2016

So there was a post awhile back that discussed replacement "leveling feet"
for the stabilizing outrigger front feet on H960 cabinets (DEC's formal name
for them is apparently "extension feet"); somone pointed out that one can
buy such things, and gave some pointers.

So I needed some, and here's the scoop: the threaded shaft on the leveling
foot is 5/16"-18, and a suitable replacment part is Vlier FSE302S, available
from in the US from MSC Industrial Supply:


(US$1.84 each + shipping).

I have obtained some, and they fit OK, with two caveats: i) the round foot
part is a significantly larger diameter than the DEC originals, but they do
fit OK on neighbouring extension feet (i.e. on a pair of H960's, both with
extension feet); and ii) the threaded part is somewhat longer than the
originals, so even when wound fully up, there isn't a lot of room between the
foot and the floor. (Of course one could trim the threaded shaft, but I'm
lazy.. :-)

Anyway, if anyone in Europe needs some, and can't find any over there, let me
know, and I can obtain some and send them along.

I also need some of the larger main leveling feet, but I haven't been able
(yet) to find any. The threaded part is 7/16"-14, but nobody seems to make
7/16" these days? (Everyone who makes them now seems to go straight from 3/8"
to 1/2".)

Anyone know of a source for these, or a replacement? Thanks!


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