Xerox Alto on eBay

Al Kossow aek at
Thu Apr 14 11:22:06 CDT 2016

On 4/13/16 7:52 PM, jwsmobile wrote:

> Side discussion on Facebook says that media is rare too.  None with the
> system (I think) from the discussion there.

I have tons of it. They are 12 sector 2315 packs.
You have to duplicate it on a two drive Alto, since the format is
unique. I've heard LCM has written some code to load it from the
Alto pack images that I created.

Dug out my list of serial numbers, and it isn't one that I've seen
before. It probably is a 3K XM unit, but who knows, since the seller
is clueless, and doesn't know the installed card compliment is critical
to getting it running.

It's pretty much impossible to get a broken one running without a known
good card set to isolate problems with, since it was assumed that
debugging would be done with the shop test Alto that had special
hardware debug sauce.

I'm also assuming whoever has it reads this list, since the BIN just
happens to match what I've been offered for the machines that I still

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