Xerox Alto on eBay

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> > So we copy disk images to/from the PDP-11/44 over 3Mbit Ethernet to
> > the
> Alto :).
> >
> > - Josh
> >
> Quite a hack! So you copy in real time as it were? Direct from packs on a
> running Alto to packs on a running 11? Would it be practical to hack it further
> to capture the data to an image file so anyone with an 11 / RK combo could
> write packs?

No, I copy from an image file on the 2.11BSD filesystem on the 11 to a disk pack on the Alto -- the Alto's disk controller and Diablo drive do all the actual formatting/writing.  The RK11 controllers have a completely different format from the Alto.

> I have 6085s and Stars;  I'd love an Alto to round out the collection - but not at
> $40k! Crazy prices these days; I've never paid more than a couple of grand for
> anything - and usually a lot less.

Me too, but I think I'll  just have to dream about it.  I've been working on a project though...

- Josh

> Mike

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