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Alan Hightower alan at
Thu Apr 14 17:17:08 CDT 2016


Our presentation series during VCF-SE events has been recorded from the
1.0 event to the 4.0 event which happened two weeks ago. In the past,
good intentions to get videos edited and posted in a timely manor have
been out-weighed by real-life demands. I'm hoping to break the cycle
starting this year. Below is the first video from the 4.0 event of
Sunday's talk by Bil Herd from early Commodore. He was scheduled in
advance, but due to a scheduling mixup, had to fly in last minute and
give an ad-hoc presentation. 

My intention is to edit and post one video every two weeks, starting
with 4.0 videos, until the entire 4, 3, 2, 1.0 backlog is cleared. I
will cross post announcements for new videos as they are posted to AHCS
list, cctalk, and VCF-SE info lists. You can also subscribe to our Vimeo
channel to get push updates as they happen. So here is the link to Bil's
great talk: [1] 

Alan Hightower 

AHCS Treasurer / VCF-SE Minion 

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