Servicing DEC-T11 based products with a Fluke pod?

John Robertson jrr at
Sat Apr 16 12:10:31 CDT 2016

On 04/15/2016 12:22 PM, John Wallace wrote:
> Hi John,
> In the apparent absence of other T11-related suggestions, are you aware that there are a couple of T11-related manuals on Bitsavers, at least one of which has schematics?
> There's the T11 Users Manual, and the T11 Evaluation Module Users Guide:
> Nothing about Fluke pods, but maybe something more than you have at the moment?
> Best of luck
> John Wallace
I've been looking at the T11 and I mostly just need to trick a Fluke pod 
into doing most of the T11 control, Address and Data lines so I can 
exercise the RAM and ROM attached to it. I will be experimenting with a 
8086 POD as is has multiplexed Address and Data lines (0 - 15) as well.

Of course there is a T11 adapter for the Arduino CPU test project on 
Github, I am getting that as the T11 test is written for the Atari 
System 2...

John :-#)#

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