HP 9845B Power Supply Unit

Martin.Hepperle at MH-AeroTools.de Martin.Hepperle at MH-AeroTools.de
Mon Apr 18 06:18:28 CDT 2016


a recently acquired HP 9845B desktop computer came with a literally broken
power supply unit.

One of the ferrite core transformers has a broken core. The lower, U-shaped
core part is broken in the middle into two parts.  Both parts are still
there, rattling around in the coil part / transformer fixture. I do not
think that I could find a new matching core.

I am not sure of the magneto-electrical requirements and would like to hear
about your experience or opinions:
- should I glue the broken ferrite core with e.g. super-glue or epoxy (of
course with ideally zero or minimum gap between the halves) ?
- would it work or are there better ways to fix broken ferrite cores (e.g.
adding a steel wire insert or something like that?)

Martin Hepperle

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