Vintage Computer Festivals???

Evan Koblentz cctalk at
Mon Apr 18 13:52:08 CDT 2016

>Still, calling a hobbyist who
> sells some of his creations a vendor is a dubious distinction, in my
> opinion, since no one is making much money on these things, it's just a
> service for fellow enthusiasts. All of the other shows I attend (like
> the upcoming CocoFEST!) make no distinction.

We have a good reason for doing this.

Events that mix sales/exhibits together, without making distinctions 
from booth to booth, tend to become flea/swap-type events. That's fine 
for those of us IN the hobby, but these events will only ever shrink, 
not grow, as the audience/collectors get older.

Our goal at VCF is to produce awesome events that show vintage computing 
to people * beyond * hobby insiders.

When people who have casual interest attend a VCF, they're not going to 
come back if the room is a big confusing mix of exhibits and stuff for 
sale. These people -- a massive audience vs. the few of us active 
collectors -- aren't attending to find memory for their Banana 3000. 
They're attending to be wowed.

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