ISO: Fujitsu M228x power supply (Josh Dersch)

Earl Baugh earl at
Mon Apr 18 13:25:26 CDT 2016

> Another weekend acquisition is a Fujitsu M2284 SMD drive (14" platters
> under a transparent cover, what's not to love?).  It's in good shape and
> was properly locked down for shipping so there's a good chance it'll
> still work with some coaxing.  I'm missing the power supply, however.  I
> believe this is the Fujitsu Denso B14L-0300-0018A.  Anyone have one
> going spare, in any condition?

If this is the same drive as the Sun 1's, I actually have 2 spares right
this min.
(I am waiting to find out about someone locally who has some Fujitsu drives,
which I haven't gotten model #'s from, but from description sound similar...
so was keeping them for those drives... )

Mine are NOS, were spares from someone who used to do field engineering
repairs on early Sun equipment.

I might be persuaded to part with one, contact me off line..


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