Vintage Computer Festivals???

Rod Smallwood rodsmallwood52 at
Mon Apr 18 16:02:36 CDT 2016

On 18/04/2016 20:43, Evan Koblentz wrote:
>> Which is the better "It was a well run show" or "I saw a guy who rebuilt
>> an 029 card punch"
> Talk to me after you've organized nine VCFs, then you will think 
> different about the first part of your comment. :)
Well I haven't done any VCF's  but as a DEC Marketing Manager I was 
involved in many more than nine computer trade shows.
It's not surprising and very laudable to want to make the show be the 
best you can.  However once something intended  as a gathering of 
enthusiasts and pioneers turns into a general "bring the family" show 
with good signage
and marked areas.  Then I  fear for the future.  Its happened before.

Here in the UK the Ham Radio hobby used to have lots of what were called 
rallies. Just another name for a hobby show
Lots of surplus parts, radios dealers who just sold ham equipment and so on.

They grew in number and size. Lots of so called attractions, crafts and 
cake stalls were added.  Then one year they imploded. The hams who used 
to go to by a few parts and meet friends and the ham related vendors had 
had enough and did not attend.  The number plummeted and now there are 
only a few.

So to quote American western lore. When the farmers arrive and enclose 
and manage the range the pioneers go over the hill.

So enjoy your well deserved pleasure in a job well done. But ask 
yourself  do men who inhabit basements full of piles of old computers 
care about what is where and how tidy the show is? Belshazzar's  feast 
may have already begun,

That the show's (in show organizers terms) are well run is not in doubt.
But in doing so have those for whom the event was started been cast aside
in favor of ma, pa, grandma, the kids  and the dog.

Rod Smallwood

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