Vintage Computer Festivals???

Evan Koblentz cctalk at
Mon Apr 18 17:12:28 CDT 2016

> please try it your way ... See how it goes,

This is not "Evan trying it his way." :)  This past weekend was the 21st 
VCF based on the same arrangement (10 West shows until 2007, 11 East 
shows). We're not doing an experiment here. We (not just "Evan") have 
seen what works. Sellam mentored me in Festival management for a few 
years before he trusted me (and now the non-profit) to take over his 
baby. "See how it goes"...? It's been going great for 19 years.

> If left unorganized, it quickly degenerates into very shabby, unsavory junkyard sales of worthless stuff, which is guaranteed to turn off the general public.

Maybe one day we'll have a flea/swap event. Perhaps even include that as 
a separate day before/after the main show. VCF West XI this summer will 
be our standard arrangement (that's already settled). Sellam, the former 
MARCH, and now the non-profit have done plenty of innovative things. For 
example, at East a couple of years ago we added Friday which is devoted 
to technical classes.

> So is consignment sales in a separate area the solution? Might very well be.

It's worked fine for us our East and at all the past West shows. Again, 
something that works well ** twenty-one times ** is probably good. :)

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